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Mostly Used Abbreviations in Library and Information Science

Mostly Used Abbreviations in Library and Information Science

AACR : Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.
ALCTS : The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
AJAX : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
API : Application Programming Interface.
ARL : Association of Research Libraries.
ARPANET : Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.
ASIS : American Society for Information Science. 
ASLIB: Association for Information Management, previously, 
the Association of Special  Libraries and Information Bureau.
ASTINFO : Regional Network for the exchange of information and experience in  science and technology in Asia and the Pacific
BLAISE : British Library’s Automated Information Service
BIS : Bureau of Indian Standards
CALIBER : Convention on Automation of Libraries in Education and Research Institutions. 
CAS : Current Awareness Service
CCF : Common Communication Format
CILIP : Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
CMS : Content Management System.
COPSAT :  Current Online Patent in Science and Technology
COUNTER : Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources
CPM : Critical Path Method
DCMI : Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
DDS : Document Delivery Service
DELNET: Developing Library NETwork.
DLF: Digital Library Federation.
DMAIC: Define, Measure, Access, Improve and Control
DNS: Domain Naming System.
DRTC: Documentation Research and Training Centre.

ENIAC : Electronic Numerical Integrator and  Calculator
ESS : Electronic Spread Sheet
EUAL  :   End User License Agreement
FAIFE : Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
FRAD: Functional Requirements for Authority Data.
FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.
FSF: Free Software Foundation.
FTE : Full-Time equivalent
FTP: File Transfer Protocol.
GPRS: General Packet Radio Service.
GSDL: Green Stone Digital Library Software.
GUI : Graphic User Interface
HTML: Hyper Text Mark Up Language.
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
IASLIC: Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers.
IATLIS: Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science.
ICOLC : International Coalition of Library Consortia
IFLA: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.
ILL: Inter Library Loan
INDEST: Indian National Digital library in Engineering Sciences and Technology
INFLIBNET :  INFormation and LIBrary NETwork
IP: Internet Protocol.
ISBD: International Standard Bibliographic Description.
ISO: International Organization for Standardization.
ISP: Internet Service Provider.
ISSN : International Standard Serial Number.
JANET: Joint Academic NETwork.
JOCLAI : Joint Council of Library Associations of India
LAN: Local Area Network.
LCSH : Library of Congress Subject Heading
LIPHIS : Linked Phrase Indexing System
LOCKSS : Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe
MALI: Medical Library Association of India.
MAN: Metropolitan Area Network.
MARC : MAchine Readable Catalogue.
MEDLARS : Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
METS :  Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
MIPS : Million Instructions Per Second
NCP: Network Control Protocol.
NISCAIR: National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources.
NSF: National Science Foundation.
OAI-PMH: Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.
OCLC: Online Computer Library Centre.
OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue
OWL : Web Ontology Language
PCM : Pulse Code Modulation
PERT : Program Evaluation and Review Techniqu
PLANNER: Promotion of Library Automation and Networking 
in North Eastern Region.
RDA: Resource Description and Access.
RFID : Radio Frequency IDentification
RRRLF: Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
SCONUL : The Standing Conference on National and University Libraries
SDI: Selective Dissemination of Information
SIS: Society for Information Science.
SOUL : Software for University Libraries
SRU : Search / Retrieval via URL
SYNTOL  : Syntagmatic Organisation Language
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol.
UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
UNIMARC: Universal Machine Readable Catalogue
URL: Uniform Resource Locator.
UTF :  Unicode Transformation Format 
(16 bit Unicode to 7/8 bit character conversion)
VDU : Visual Display Unit
VGA : Video Graphic Adopter
VLSI : Very Large Sale Integration
WADEX : Word and Author Index
WAN: Wide Area Network.
WCDMA :  Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization.
WORM : Write Once Read Many
WPI : World Patents Index
WWW: World Wide Web.
YAHOO : Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
ZBB : Zero Base Budgeting

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