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KVS Librarian February 2018 Question Paper with Answers

 KVS Librarian February 2018 Solved Question Paper

1) Who has developed the episodic model of information seeking behaviour? 

(A) Nicholas J. Belkin 

(B) Elfreda Chatman 

(C) David Ellis 

(D) T. D. Wilson 

Ans: A

2) The shift from print to electronic information resources can be categorised as change under:

(A) Economic environment 

(B) Internal environment 

(C) Socio environment 

(D) External environment 

Ans: B

3) Who is the author of "Library Buildings: Planning and Design”? 

(A) B. S. Kesavan 

(B) S. R. Ranganathan

(C) P.N. Kaula 

(D) Rajwant Singh Chilana 

Ans: C

4) The process of placing one or more isolates on the parent basic subject is called as:

(A) Agglomeration

(B) Denudation

(C) Fusion

(D) Lamination

Ans: D

5) What is the type of service that actually takes information to the user,

preferably before he/she formulates a demand for it?

(A) Information and referral

(B) Information retrieval

(C) Document retrieval

(D) Information dissemination

Ans: D

6) When the user is helped to understand the subject coverage of chemical abstracts, then what it is called as?

(A) User assistance

(B) User education

(C) User advisory

(D) User orientation

Ans: A

7) Which Of the following organizations provides 'Directory of Public

Libraries'?(A) Indian Public Library Movement, Delhi

(B) Raja Library Foundation (RRRLF), Kolkata

(C) Central Reference Library, Kolkata

(D) Delhi public Library system

Ans: B

8) In which of the following, the activities are shown as a network of

precedence relationships using activity-on-arrow network construction?


(B) Decision Tree Analysis



Ans: D

9) Who has invented the SWOT analysis?

(A) Albert S. Humphrey

(B) Peter Pyhrr

(C) Philip Kotler

(D) Peter Drucker

Ans: A

10) What is meant by indent in the book acquisition work of libraries?

(A) List of ordered items

(B) List of accessioned items

(C) List of approved items

(D) List of rejected items

Ans: C

11) When a message is transmitted and received over the same channel at the same time, such mode of transmission in network environment is called as:

(A) Full Duplex

(B) Simple

(C) Band width

(D) Half duplex

Ans: A

12) Who suggested 'Seven Lamps of conduct' as ethics of librarianship?

(A) A. K. Mukherjee

(B) B. M. Headicar

(C) R. L. Mittal

(D) William B. Paton

Ans: C

13) Which of the following types of programming language is Java?

(A) Scripting

(B) Object-oriented

(C) Publishing

(D) Algorithmic

Ans: B

14) The General Theory of Classification, developed by S. R. Ranganathan can

be categorized as which of the following types?

(A) Advanced classification

(B) Descriptive theory of classification

(C) Dynamic theory of classification

(D) Static theory of classification

Ans: C

15) Which of the following is an example of a pointing device?

(A) Light pen

(B) Punched hole device

(C) Scanner

(D) Keyboard

Ans: A

16) ‘Point System’ is associated with which of the following?

(A) Јob description

(B) Job specification

(C) Job evaluation

(D) Job performance

Ans: C

17) What is а user profile?

(A) Characteristics that influence user information habits

(B) List of documents received by user

(C) List of documents required by the user

(D) Biodata of а user

Ans: A

18) NASSDOC was established in year:

(A) 1967

(B) 1953

(C) 1970

(D) 1969

Ans: D

19) Unpublished theses and dissertations are categorised as:

(A) Ephemeral literature

(B) Grey literature

(C) Tertiary literature

(D) Secondary literature

Ans: B

20) Which 1aw, among the “Five 1aws of 1ibrary science“, counsels that “Do not select books of а standard not suited to the majority of readers in the locality“?

(A) 3rd Law

(B) 2nd Law

(C) 1st Law

(D) 4th Law

Ans: A

21) Which combination of Boolean operators retrieves more documents?




(D) A OR B

Ans: D

22) Which of the following is a standard for descriptive cataloguing?

(A) Z39.50



(D) ISO 2709

Ans: B

23) International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) was established in the year:

(A) 1927

(B) 1895

(C) 1938

(D) 1876

Ans: A

24) Who is the publisher of Indian Library Science Abstracts?(A) SIS




Ans: C

25) What is the landmark initiative of UGC in the year 1991 for the

development of information services for academic libraries?



(C) National Centre for Scientific Information

(D) INFONET Consortium

Ans: B

26) In Colon Classification, ‘f3’ experimenting is a/an:

(A) Anteriorising Common Isolate (applicable only after Time facet)

(B) Anteriorising Common Isolate (applicable only after Space facet)

(C) Posteriorising Energy Common Isolate

(D) Posteriorising Personality Common Isolate

Ans: D

27) Which of the following is an indirect method of user study?

(A) Questionnaire

(B) Analysis of library records

(C) Operations research

(D) Diary

Ans: B

28) Which of the following characteristics of knowledge is true?

(A) Knowledge is finite

(B) Knowledge is independent

(C) Knowledge is complete

(D) Knowledge is dependent

Ans: D

29) Which university in Maharashtra was the first to start training in


(A) University of Mumbai

(B) R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur

(C) SNDT Women's University, Mumbai

(D) University of Pune, Pune

Ans: A

30) According to staff formula, which section of the university library needs to have "one person for every 50 readers using the library in a day of the year”?

(A) Circulation

(B) Reference

(C) Maintenance

(D) Supervisory

Ans: B

31) The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, renovated in 1994, was prepared in the co-operation with:




(D) Library of Congress

Ans: A

32) In Maharashtra Public Libraries Act, who is the ex-officio President of State Library Council?

(A) Minister for Education

(B) Director of Public Libraries of the State

(C) Director of Education

(D) Secretary for Education

Ans: A

33) In the three card system for periodical control which card is used for

recording entries relating to the volume, issue and the dates of publication etc.

(A) Check card

(B) Classified card

(C) Register card

(D) Classified index card

Ans: C

34) Which of the following is a book selection tool?(A) Ulrich's International Periodical Directory

(B) World Book Encyclopedia

(C) Universities Handbook

(D) Indian National Bibliography

Ans: D

35) Which of the following network topologies has the cable strung out, but the end of the cable need not be brought back?

(A) Ring

(B) Bus

(C) Mesh

(D) Star

Ans: B

36) Which type of fiscal estimation is the Kothari Commission (1964-66)

recommendation that a university should spend each year about 25 for each student and 300 per teacher.

(A) Method of proportion

(B) Formula method

(C) Method of details

(D) Per capita method

Ans: D

37) Which of the following is the exclusive function of a university library?

(A) Providing support to the development of research and publication

(B) Library instruction

(C) Extension services

(D) Promotion of reading habit

Ans: A

38) When did the National Library Week celebrations start in India?

(A) 1958

(B) 1972

(C) 1933

(D) 1968

Ans: D

39) Which of the following is the "principle of facet sequence"?

(A) Principle of later in time

(B) Cow-calf principle

(C) Principle of earlier in time

(D) Principle of literary warrant

Ans: B

40) In AACR2, in case of works of shared responsibility, the main entry will be

prepared under:

(A) Subject

(B) First author

(C) Title

(D) First two authors

Ans: C

41) According to Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954, India, "that is the time limit to deliver books by the publisher to the designated libraries?

(A) 15days

(B) 60 days

(C) 30 days

(D) 45 days

Ans: C

42) What type of information sources are the indexing and abstracting


(A) Ready reference

(B) Bibliographical

(C) Ephemeral

(D) Current event

Ans: B

43) Who is the publisher of Statesman's Yearbook 2017?

(A) Europa publications, London

(B) Palgrave Macmillan, UK

(C) Adam and Charles Black, London

(D) Oxford University Press

Ans: B

44) Which of the following elements of catalogue is concerned with pagination, number of volumes, etc.?

(A) Series

(B) Note

(C) Imprint

(D) Collation

Ans: D

45) When Sears List of Subject Headings was first published?

(A) 1891

(B) 1898

(C) 1923

(D) 1925

Ans: C

46) Which of the following is a service that helps one with gaining current awareness knowledge?

(A) Digests

(B) Extracts

(C) Newspaper clippings

(D) Indexes

Ans: C

47) Who is the producer of Library Literature and Information Science?


(B) Facet Publication

(C) H. W. Wilson

(D) American Library Association

Ans: C

48) When an individual ought to have information for his/her work or recreation

then what it is called as?

(A) Information requirement

(B) Information need

(C) Information want

(D) Information demand

Ans: B

49) In which of the following, a multi-user operating system is used?

(A) Desktop pcs

(B) Embedded computers

(C) Servers

(D) Hand-held computers

Ans: C

50) As per the classification prescribed by S. R. Ranganathan, 'a record of phenomenon made directly unmediated by human mind can be categorised as:

(A) Conventional

(B) Non-conventional

(C) Meta-documents

(D) Neo-conventional

Ans: C

51) Which of the following can be categorised under the fifth generation of computers?

(A) Artificial intelligence

(B) Transistors

(C) Vacuum tubes


Ans: A

52) Which of the following is a feature of Web OPAC?

(A) It is command-language-based

(B) It is navigation-based

(C) It is pre-coordinated

(D) It is phrase-indexed

Ans: B

53) Which of the following is a viable mean for library resource sharing?

(A) Social media


(C) Consortium

(D) Blogs

Ans: C

54) Which of the following is a unit for measuring bandwidth?

(A) Amplitude

(B) Hertz

(C) Bandwidth

(D) Bits

Ans: D

55) Algebra can be categorised as which type of subject?

(A) Compound subject

(B) Non-primary basic subject

(C) Complex subject

(D) Primary basic subject

Ans: B

56) Which of the following states has enacted Public Library Act?

(A) Delhi

(B) Chattisgarh

(C) Meghalaya

(D) Jammu and Kashmir

Ans: B

57) Which of the following is a property of the main memory?

(A) It has large capacity

(B) It is portable

(C) It has a very long life

(D) It is volatile

Ans: D

58) Part 3 of Colon Classification is named as:

(A) Rules

(B) Schedules of classification

(C) Index

(D) Schedules of Classics and Sacred books

Ans: D

59) Which of the following statistics are the 'most proper form to know the tastes, antipathies and reactions of the readers'?

(A) Serial control

(B) Circulation section

(C) Technical section

(D) Acquisition section

Ans: B

60) ODLIS stands for:

(A) Online Directory of Library and Information Science

(B) Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science

(C) Online Databank of Library and Information Science

(D) Open Documents for Library and Information Science

Ans: B

61) File management is a function of:

(A) Middleware

(B) Operating system

(C) Utility software


Ans: B

62) According to S. R. Ranganathan, the reference service that deals with residual principles and generalities, not readily falling within specific pans, is called as:

(A) Initiation of freshman

(B) Ready reference service

(C) General help to general reader

(D) Long range reference service

Ans: C

63) Which budgeting process starts from "scratch" with the proposed activities for the year?

(A) Programme budgeting

(B) Zero-based budgeting

(C) Formula budgeting

(D) Performance budgeting

Ans: B

64) Which of the following is a feature of DBMS?


(B) Compatibility with SQL

(C) Memory management


Ans: B

65) The management principle 'Esprit de corps' means:

(A) Development of workers

(B) Discharge of responsibility

(C) Group spirit

(D) Replacing the rule of thumb with science

Ans: C

66) What type of database is Library Literature and Information Science?

(A) Abstracting

(B) Archival

(C) Indexing

(D) Full-text

Ans: C

67) The catalogue in which some entries are in the form of number entries and some in the form of text entries is called as:

(A) Author catalogue

(B) Dictionary catalogue

(C) Title catalogue

(D) Classified catalogue

Ans: D

68) Which type of service is "Shodh Gangotri: a repository of Indian research in progress"?

(A) Referral service

(B) Review service

(C) Alerting service

(D) Document delivery service

Ans: C

69) What is a shelf list?

(A) Copy of main entry card

(B) Catalogue with entries sorted by call number

(C) Book order card

(D) Catalogue entries of special collection

Ans: B

70) Who assigns ISSN for Indian Journals?

(A) Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi

(B) IISC, Bangalore

(C) National science Library, NISCAIR

(D) National Physical Laboratories. New Delhi

Ans: D

71) Who among the following is the first to outline the objectives and means of cataloging?

(A) Seymour Lubetzky

(B) Berwick Sayers

(C) S. R. Ranganathan

(D) Charles A. Cutter

Ans: D

72) In Dewey Decimal Classification, the number '028' stands for:

(A) General libraries

(B) Library operations

(C) Libraries for specific subject

(D) Reading and use of other information media

Ans: D

73) Which of the following methods is applicable in educating individual user?

(A) Tutorial

(B) Lecture method

(C) Guided tour

(D) Self-instructional material

Ans: D

74) In cataloging, which law directs that between two or more possible

alterative rules bearing on a particular phenomenon the one leading to over all economy is to be preferred?

(A) Law of impartiality

(B) Law of interpretation

(C) Law of symmetry

(D) Law of parsimony

Ans: D

75) When a tear in a page or a tipping on a loose leaf is repaired it is called as:

(A) Re-backing

(B) Reinforcing

(C) Mending

(D) Re-casing

Ans: C

76) Which among the following provides translation service for science and technology documents in India?

(A) Central Institute of Indian Languages

(B) National Library, Kolkata

(C) Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi

(D) NISCAIR, Delhi

Ans: D

77) Who among the following was associated in planning Baroda Central

Library in 1910?

(A) A. A. Fyzee

(B) Gopal Rao Ekbote

(C) Asa Don Dickinson

(D) William A Borden

Ans: C

78) As started by J. K. Khanna, the growth of special libraries in India is

directly related to:

(A) Growth of university education

(B) Independence of India

(C) Recommendations of Committees/ Commissions

(D) Industrial development

Ans: D

79) Which of the "five laws of library science" satisfies the services for


(A) 4thLaw

(B) 2nd Law

(C) 3rd Law

(D) 5thLaw

Ans: B

80) What is the current version of SOUL software?

(A) SOUL 3.0

(B) SOUL 2.0

(C) SOUL 1.0

(D) SOUL 4.0

Ans: B

81) Which of the following is a component automated acquisition module?

(A) Inter library loan

(B) Authority file

(C) Customised member card

(D) Member category

Ans: B

82) Who has developed the 'Guidelines on information literacy for lifelong






Ans: D

83) What is the essential feature of WORM compared to other optical storage


(A) Recording once done is irreversible

(B) Recording can be digital

(C) It comes on a disk

(D) It has higher storage density

Ans: A

84) Which of the following TQM techniques prescribes “80/20” rule?

(A) Pareto analysis charts

(B) Pie charts

(C) Fishbone diagram

(D) Histogram

Ans: A

85) Who was the first to give the concept of Selective Dissemination of

Information as we understand it today?

(A) Melvil J. Voigt

(B) H. Peter Luhn

(C) L. J. S. Strauss

(D) E. M. Housman

Ans: B

86) When the user requires almost all relevant literature on a subject such approach is called as:

(A) Catching up approach

(B) Exhaustive approach

(C) Everyday approach

(D) Current approach

Ans: B

87) In Classified Catalogue Code, 'specific added class number entry' in a classified catalogue is defined as:

(A) Class index entry

(B) Cross reference entry

(C) Cross reference index entry

(D) Book index entry

Ans: B

88) Which of the following features of OPACs has enhanced their use over traditional catalogues?

(A) No need for media qualifiers

(B) Sorting process is static

(C) No need for punctuation between elements in bibliographical description

(D) Search facility is available under any element

Ans: B

89) From which year did AGRIS, a global public domain database, became operational?

(A) 1975

(B) 1964

(C) 1967

(D) 1971

Ans: A

90) What type of information service products are the trend reports?

(A) Reference type

(B) Condensation type

(C) Location type

(D) Evaluation type

Ans: D

91) In which year was the Encyclopedia Britannica last print version of 32 volumes published?

(A) 2012

(B) 2009

(C) 2008

(D) 2010

Ans: D

92) In which year was the Committee on National policy on Library and

Information System (CONPOLIS) set up by the Govt. of India?

(A) 1992

(B) 1985

(C) 1972

(D) 1991

Ans: B

93) Which of the following operating systems is machine-independent and open-source?

(A) Linux


(C) MS Windows 7

(D) Apple MAC OS

Ans: A

94) Who among the following described the 3-fold purpose of reference


(A) Robert S. Taylor

(B) R. L. Collins

(C) S. R. Ranganathan

(D) William A. Katz

Ans: D

95) What does a small circle of a flow chart represent?

(A) Terminal

(B) Connector

(C) Process

(D) Decision

Ans: B

96) What is meant by 'cardinal value' in the context of notation?

(A) Position of a digit in series

(B) Type of notation used

(C) Concept that refers to semantics

(D) Quantitative value that each digit possesses

Ans: D

97) Which type of scheme is the Universal Decimal Classification?(A) Almost enumerative

(B) Fully faceted

(C) Enumerative

(D) Almost faceted

Ans: D

98) What is the term of protection of copyright for a literary work in India?

(A) 60 years from the year of publication

(B) 50 years from the year of publication

(C) 60 years from the year in which the author of the literary work dies

(D) 50 years from the year in which the author of the literary work dies

Ans: C

99) Which of the following extension represents uncompressed output of data?

(A) .jpg

(B) .gif

(C) .bmp

(D) .tiff

Ans: C

100) Who, among the following, was the first to develop UDC?

(A) Paul Otlet

(B) Melvil Dewey

(C) H. E. Bliss

(D) E. C. Richardson 

Ans: A

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