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POSDCORB in Library Science

 POSDCORB in Library Science

POSDCORB is an acronym that stands for the five elements of administration and management, which were originally proposed by Luther H. Gulick in the 1940s. These elements are:

  1. Planning (P) - the process of defining goals, developing strategies, and establishing plans and procedures to achieve those goals.
  2. Organizing (O) - the process of arranging and coordinating resources and activities to achieve the goals set in the planning stage.
  3. Staffing (S) - the process of identifying staffing needs, recruiting, hiring, and training personnel to carry out the plans and activities.
  4. Directing (D) - the process of providing guidance and direction to personnel to ensure that activities are performed according to plans and goals.
  5. Coordinating (C) - the process of ensuring that activities are performed in a coordinated manner, taking into account the interrelationships of the various elements involved.
  6. Reporting (R) - the process of documenting and communicating the results of activities and the status of goals to stakeholders.
  7. Budgeting (B) - the process of allocating financial resources to achieve the goals set in the planning stage.

The principles of POSDCORB can be applied to library science and information science to help in the administration and management of libraries. By applying these principles, library administrators can ensure that their institutions are well-planned, organized, staffed, directed, and coordinated, and that their budgets and activities are properly reported and managed.

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